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Frequently Asked Questions


Is sign up really free and how does this work?

Yep, sign up (aka registration) is free and without obligation to pay.  Once you’re registered, other users can search for you by location (and visa versa).  If you find other users near you that you’d like to swap babysitting services with, then sign up for a premium membership and you’ll have access to their contact information to discuss the terms of your swapping services.

Does this really work? If so, what are the benefits?

Absolutely!  We created this website to make what we were already doing, easier.  …and to share it with others.  Now we don’t pay for babysitters, allowing us to save money, go out more often, and improve our relationship!  I would say it’s money well spent but sign up is free!  It’s definitely worth the tiny investment of time to sign up to improve one’s relationship and save money doing it.

Also, now our babysitters are much better qualified.  Instead of junior high or high school kids, we now have dependable, responsible parents babysitting our kids.  Many of them are well-educated professionals and that makes us value them even more.  Oh, and did I mention they are free?!

Is there a recommended etiquette when swapping babysitting?

Yes, etiquette is important and revolves around respect and setting expectations.  We recommend when you contact someone to swap babysitting, trying to get all the details of the swap sorted in advance (i.e. when, where, who, how long, and what exactly is expected for each time babysitting is swapped).  Creating good relationships fosters long-term benefits for both families.

How does billing work?

Sign up is free.  For those who opt to get a premium membership to view contact information for other members, there is a monthly fee.  This is paid via automated monthly payments that can be canceled at any time from your user account (just select “Cancel Membership”).

What is no one has signed up in my area yet?

No worries, sign up anyway (did we mention it’s FREE!).  Then when the next person from your area looks to sign up, you’ll be at the top of the list.  Similarly, encourage friends or family to sign up so everyone has more potential people with which to swap babysitting services.