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Are you interested in getting certified for CPR and First Aid? In the event of an emergency, these truly are lifesaving skills. Search for a class in your area!

Make sure all the kids are as safe as they can be before heading out on the road. Find a certified Child Passenger Safety Technician in your area to check your car seat installs!

Check out this website for all kinds of information on keeping all the littles safe. Whether it’s around the pool, at the park, or in your own living room, keeping everyone whole and healthy is always number one!

Store this number in your phone: 1-800-222-1222. There are many hazardous things around every home, and having the right information easily accessible in an emergency is important.

Beautiful day? Find a place to take the kids outside by searching this database of parks and playspaces. Get out and get moving!

Not so much with the beautiful day? Take the kids to take in a movie. Fandango searches showtimes near you and you can buy tickets online, so no waiting at the box office!

No time to preview a movie or the kids want to watch an unfamiliar TV show? CommonSenseMedia.org has reviews and age recommendations for TV shows, apps, movies, and more.

Easy to understand info on how to eat healthy foods and get enough exercise.

Nickelodeon’s commitment to getting kids up and moving! The Let’s Just Play initiative challenges kids to make small changes in their everyday lives, and every year in September the TV network goes dark for a whole afternoon to tell kids to get outside and play!

Getting a background check before you leave your child in someone else’s care is always a wise idea. Online background checks are a fast and comprehensive way to make sure your kids are going to a safe space.

This public database searches state records by address to find sex offenders who may be living nearby. While not a comprehensive list of all crimes, finding out who may be near an area where your children are staying can give you peace of mind and comfort.